Fastems’ Version 8 Manufacturing Management Software.

Simple Milling Machine Automation in a Small Footprint

May 12, 2022
The FPC 8 can cover one to three CNC milling machines with 400 mm to 1,000 mm pallets – and includes the new FPC-1800, for 12 to 36 pallets, 630 x 800 mm in a 2.4 x 9.2 -m footprint.

FASTEMS is introducing Version 8 of its Flexible Pallet Container (FPC 8), which provides easy and extendable automation for one to three CNC milling machines with 400 to 1,000 mm pallets. The FPC 8 also includes the new FPC-1800, which accommodates twelve to 36 pallets measuring 630 to 800 mm in a small, 2.4x9.2 -meter footprint.

With a library of hundreds of ready-made machine interfaces for over 100 brands, the FPC 8 integrates with horizontal machining centers and offers machine tool utilization of up to 85%, short set-up times, and high lights-out production capacity.

The system can be extended to include up to two additional containers, increasing capacity to 24 or 36 pallets running on two to three machines.

The FPC 8 is controlled by Fastems’ Version 8 Manufacturing Management Software (MMS), which offers a new, single-view user interface with drag-and-drop production orders; the EasyRoute feature for bringing new workpieces into production in under 60 seconds; and an advanced automatic order generator for recurring orders or maintaining a certain stock level.

The FPC 8 features an optional Basic Loading Station (LSB) with pallet height adjustment, specifically designed for jobs with various fixture heights, to provide personalized work positions for each operator while clamping and unclamping workpieces. For systems with a single fixture height or with just a couple of users, Fastems’ standard option Compact Loading Station (LSC) remains a good choice.

“FPC is one of our most popular systems which is not a surprise – it is extremely cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy linear pallet automation solution,” said Kalle Peltonen, v.p. of Pallet Automation at Fastems. “And it can be extended to multiple machine tools to scale capacity and run unmanned even for the entire weekend. The FPC 8 offers improved space efficiency and better-than-ever ergonomics for operators working on either the hardware or software side. The new size, which can accommodate 1,800 kg payloads in a small space, along with the new easy-use features, meet the needs expressed by many of our customers.”

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