Centric Technologies Inc.
(Left) Will-Fill ION system on a CNC milling machine; (Right) Will-Fill system in a coolant tank.

Smart Tech-Enabled Fluid Control System

May 5, 2022
The Will-Fill system monitors seven critical parameters to automatically fill, refill, analyze, and adjust conditions of lubricant/coolant, to optimize CNC machining performance and machine service life.

CENTRIC TECHNOLOGIES INC.’s Will-Fill automated fluid-control system allows CNC machine operators to automatically fill, refill, analyze, and adjust the condition of cutting fluid from any location.

Cutting fluid is a critical component of the CNC machining process, for both lubrication and cooling during cutting, to produce and maintain quality parts and maximize the machine-tool service life.

The Will-Fill system analyzes and controls seven critical parameters:
 Concentration of oil /water mix;
 Coolant level;
 Coolant temperature;
 pH levels;
 EC (hardness of water);
 Oil usage; and,
 Water usage.

Because every machining process and shop floor is different, Will-Fill lets the operators establish predefined settings and thresholds. The system maintains those settings whether the operator is running a 24-hour “lights out” operation, traveling, or spending time away from work, ensuring that the machine always runs at optimal conditions.

On the shop floor, the CNC machine is connected to the electrical grid for power, and connected to an air supply for compressed air. Manually checking, filling, and adjusting cutting fluid is still necessary – but with Will-Fill a machine is always connected to incoming water and oil to maintain and supply the optimal mix of cutting fluid, automatically.

Will-Fill works with any metal cutting fluid now commercially available.

Once the system is installed and connected via Wi-Fi or LAN, the operator will have full access to fluid monitoring via a dashboard that continually updates. Thus, remote monitoring of all fluids’ current conditions.

Operators can receive emails and alerts that can be pre-set for real-time notification when thresholds are exceeded and the system is taking corrective action.

Finally, this information is captured and archived for data extraction, reporting, and decision-making.

By incorporating Will-Fill fluid management, machine shops can: 
 Increase productivity;
 Improve the quality of your parts;
 Reduce water and oil consumption (by not overfilling) ;
 Extend the life of your cutting fluid;
 Maximize your tool life;
 Extend machine life;
 Increase your machining performance;
 Reduce your environmental footprint;
 Minimize residue buildup on your machine; and
 Reduce health risks caused by contaminated fluids.

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