The Arnold Lasersystems Ravensburg compact cell for laser cutting of gears.

Laser Cutting Technology for Gearmaking

April 21, 2022
Compact workcells for laser welding small, round components, for high-volume or batch production, with manual set-up or robotized automation.

GERMAN MACHINE TOOLS of AMERICA has added Arnold Lasersystems Ravensburg technology for gearmaking and automotive and off-highway vehicle powertrain parts production to its portfolio of manufacturing technologies, along with full laser integration technology.

The newest additions to the Arnold laser line include the compact cell laser, used for welding smaller, round components.  Available with CO2 or solid-state lasers, this cell is suitable for mass production or smaller batches, owing to the onboard loading and powerful CNC programming capabilities of the machine. Workpieces are loaded into the rotary carousel, either manually or by robotic automation available from GMTA. Then, the workpiece is lifted into position, clamped, rotated in the C-axis, and laser welded. A new workpiece is loaded during the clamp/weld phase. 

Also offered by GMTA is the Arnold two-station laser cell, which is used in a similar fashion to the compact cell but offers a variety of geometries in the laser welding, including axial and radial seams, plus an integrated pressing function.

The processing optics move on a cantilevered arm to the individual workstations, processing radial or axial seams without changeover of the swiveling optic head. 

Independent loading area gates allow simultaneous loading and unloading, while the machine is in operation.

All functions on the machine are run by CNC and the machine is designed as a “single block” concept with a common base frame for all system components.

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