Hamar Laser
Hamar Laser’s T-1295 / T-1296 five-axis multi-purpose target and mounting fixtures.

New Targets, Fixtures for 5-Axis Laser Alignment

March 31, 2022
Multi-purpose targets and mounting fixtures make laser alignment systems more capable and versatile; one multi-purpose target replaces two targets, making the new system more economical.

HAMAR LASER INSTRUMENTS INC. introduced new T-1295 and T-1296 five-axis multi-purpose scan and spindle targets and four new laser fixtures that transform its l-702sp five-axis machine / spindle alignment system into a more affordable and even more capable and versatile alignment system, for a wide variety of applications.

“We have never believed in making a ‘one-size-fits-all’ laser system, as our competitors typically offer,” stated Rod Hamar, president. “Instead, we have always strived at making the best laser we can for a specific application or group of applications, which is why our lasers are highly praised. Our new T-1295 and T-1296 five-axis targets, however, transform our L-702SP into that rare laser that does a great job for a wide variety of applications. Our first ‘combo’ laser, as we call it.”

Hamar Laser’s new T-1295 and T-1296 targets offer Bluetooth-wireless communication and up to 0.00001 in. (0.25 µm) resolution. They are capable of aligning multiple machine axes in three measurement modes: two-axis center, two-axis angular and single-axis scanning.

Expanding the capabilities of the L-702SP laser, the targets work with Hamar Laser’s new MultiTurn10 Software and are ideal for many applications, including spindle alignments (center and angular); flatness, straightness and squareness of linear axes and guideways on boring mills, gantries, lathes, machining centers, multiturns and VTLs; injection molding machines; and flatness and straightness of surfaces. They are especially useful on hard-to-align multiturn machines.

The T-1296 target is a high-resolution version of the T-1295 target for taking ultra-accurate straightness and pitch / yaw measurements.

The new fixture suite consists of four mounting fixtures made specifically for the L-702SP Laser and T-1295 and T-1296 targets to aid in measuring hard-to-check axes on enclosed machining centers, boring mills, and multiturns.

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