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SECO Tools Turbo 16 square shoulder and helical milling cutters.

Milling Cutters Reduce Tooling Inventory Costs

March 31, 2022
Square shoulder milling cutters with optimized geometry and sustainable materials offer versatility and precision with high MRR and smooth cuts.

SECO TOOLS LLC Turbo 16 square shoulder milling cutters and Helical Turbo 16 milling cutters allow manufacturers who look for versatility and precision in machining to reduce tooling inventories and costs. Both series offer high material-removal rates in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, superalloys, and titanium. Scannable Data Matrix tags on cutter inserts store product and batch information that can be read using the new Seco Assistant app.

Turbo 16 square shoulder milling cutters deliver outstanding results and process security with exceptional ramping capability. Optimized insert pocket angles enhance the cut and deliver excellent surface finishes. With a high helix angle for smoother workpiece entry and exit, these cutters also feature efficient chip evacuation.

Lower cutting forces reduce power consumption, tool wear and noise levels. "Manufacturers can achieve production efficiencies and enhance machining performance with these tools in virtually any material," stated Michael Davies, Seco global product manager for square shoulder milling.

The cutters’ eco-friendly design uses corrosion-resistant steel with no nickel coating.

Next-generation Helical Turbo 16 milling cutters combine top performance with ease of use, benefiting from a comprehensive range of Seco insert grades and geometries for exceptional material removal rates (MRR) and extended tool life. Larger cuts and higher feeds reduce cycle times and speed up production, with optimized coolant channels, flutes and cutting rakes for stable machining and optimal chip formation.

Helical Turbo 16 ensure that lead and helix inserts are not mixed up when using large radii. The replacement of nickel cutter coatings with PVD increases sustainability.

 "These features produce smoother cuts, increased tool life and process reliability for faster production. Helical Turbo 16 uses fewer inserts than equivalent tools that provide the same MRR," according to Benoît Patriarca, Seco global product manager for helical milling.

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