Aptean EAM dashboard

Cloud-Based Enterprise Asset Management

March 10, 2022
Scalable from a standalone computerized maintenance management to advanced EAM functionality, for both small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations.

APTEAN, a developer of enterprise software systems, launched Aptean EAM – a cloud-based enterprise asset management (EAM) platform for manufacturing and other businesses that depend on complex equipment to support production. The new offering can scale from functioning as a standalone computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to delivering advanced EAM functionality. Thus, Aptean EAM can meet the needs of both small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations for which traditional EAMs are unnecessarily complex and larger, enterprise-scale organizations that may have previously limited their EAM investments to only their largest sites.

Aptean EAM simplifies intelligent preventative maintenance with a significant number of capabilities, including advanced analytics.

Unplanned equipment downtime can impact production schedules, delaying order fulfillment and leading to dissatisfied customers and revenue losses. Aptean EAM elevates asset maintenance and management functions through a single platform to manage work orders, automate approvals, track spare parts inventory, schedule preventative maintenance, assign appropriately skilled labor, and conduct mobile compliance inspections.

The system’s simplicity supports rapid deployment while the user-friendly interface promotes high user adoption. Plus, the product streamlines operations through intuitive workflows that increase the efficiency and visibility of the maintenance process across manufacturing sites, lines, and teams. It makes available powerful business intelligence through configurable dashboards and reports, delivering critical KPIs on asset performance to support better, more informed decisions.

“The new cloud-based Aptean EAM is designed to meet the maintenance management needs of businesses that rely on equipment to drive operations,” stated chief technology officer Jenny Peng. “The intuitive and modern user interface simplifies maintenance operations and gives plant supervisors real-time visibility into work order status. Powerful and configurable dashboards add value for all key stakeholders, putting asset performance data at their fingertips so they can manage issues proactively and help ensure equipment reliability.”

Early adopters of Aptean EAM report the solution solves production challenges by reducing downtime, improving safety, and lowering overall maintenance costs.

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