Yeti Tool
The SmartBench Precision Pro from Yeti Tool, portable large-format CNC router that provides affordable and accessible entry to the CNC market for business owners and hobbyists alike.

Portable Large-Format Routing Machine

Feb. 24, 2022
An updated and improved CNC multitool includes a real-time spindle-load display, an additional lead-screw in the Z axis, and laser X/Y datum for quick and accurate job start-points.

YETI TOOL has launched an updated and improved model of its CNC Multitool SmartBench CNC multitool, the Precision Pro model, offering new standards for accuracy and ongoing performance. The Precision Pro SmartBench also has new, exclusive features, including:
 Real-time spindle-load display to access all cutting information;
Additional lead screw to improve rigidity in the Z axis; and
 Laser X/Y datum to set a job start-point accurately and quickly.

The Precision Pro SmartBench comes with ShapeCutter, a new, console-based cutting app that provides cutting control at the user's fingertips.

ShapeCutter allows users to quickly cut 2D shapes, and they can use Vcarve Pro and other software such as Fusion 360 for more complex cuts.

ShapeCutter also provides a point-by-point job wizard that makes getting started a straightforward process.

There are plans to develop more apps on the console to help users complete more complicated cuts without needing a computer.

Precision Pro is the latest development in the SmartBench CNC Routing machine range and provides users with the same reliable and repeatable performance as the Standard and Precision models.

The easy-to-use set-up wizard walks users through the cut, while navigation tabs allow the user to navigate through set-up tasks, and users can move onto more complicated projects easily.

"SmartBench is different to all the other machines because it offers full-sheet CNC cutting,” Yeti Tool co-founder and co-director Andy McLaren said, “but the patented mechanics pack down into a small size. It's very fast to deploy anywhere and is opening up opportunities to bring CNC routing in-house for small and medium-sized businesses."

He concluded: "SmartBench Precision Pro offers a professional solution with a reasonable price. The user experience is easy-to-use, intuitive, and powerful. SmartBench is the world's first portable large-format CNC router, and we're confident that the updates to our Precision Pro model will make it hugely popular in 2022."

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