Starrag USA
Starrag USA installed the new LX021 mill/turn machine for turbine blades at its Hebron, Ken., development center, to bolster support for its aerospace and energy customers.

New Turbine Blade Machining Center

Feb. 9, 2022
The LX021 is a six-axis machining center designed to optimize lights-out machining of complex blades, from raw stock to finished form in a single operation.

STARRAG USA’s new LX021 turbine blade machine is an application-based design that maximizes part rigidity with its spindle and sub-spindle part clamping. The turret on the sub-spindle allows multiple workholding strategies to be used, for full machining of blades in a single set-up.

The LX021 is a comprehensive, integrated system that includes:
 A self-centering vice that minimizes part distortion while maintaining accuracy and repeatability.
  Kinematic correction cycles to calibrate the machine and verify its health over time.
  Advanced, RCS CAM software designed specifically to generate optimize CNC tool paths.
  RCS blade inspection measures blades and compensates for forging variations to increase first-time yield.
  A 10-pallet storage system with a spindle-loaded part gripper to automate part set up for continuous operation.

Starrag's full solution includes Blum-Novotest Inc. probing technology for in-process part measuring, tool setting, and surface roughness verification.

The surface-roughness gauge is programmed with five-axis motion directly in the RCS CAM software. Roughness measurements can be made on surfaces as low as 16 μin Ra. After in- process measuring, the data is saved ready for SPC quality monitoring.

Starrag is also partnering with Haimer to include heat-shrink toolholding products and Power Clamp Special Addition heat shrink unit in the lab of the Hebron, Kentucky, development center for aerospace and energy products. Haimer's high-precision toolholders feature:
  Max. runout of 3 μm at 3XD;
  360° clamping contact;
  Precision balanced to G25@25000 RPM; and
  Simple and repeatable tool assembly.

The Power Clamp Special Addition heat shrink unit features a compact, easy-to-use portable design that is perfectly equipped for handling smaller diameter tools.

"Our long-term customer partnerships are very important to us," explained Udo Herbes, Starrag managing director. "Even after we deliver a solution, we continue to work with our customer so we can continue to engineer precisely what they value."

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