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Niagara Cutter A245/345 end mills.

End Mills Updated to Improve Aluminum Machining

Feb. 3, 2022
The Niagara Cutter A245/345 products have been redesigned to reduce power consumption and improve chip evacuation.

SECO TOOLS introduced the improved A245/345 product families from Niagara Cutter, which have been redesigned to reduce power consumption and improve chip evacuation in aluminum machining applications.

As described by the North American solid milling product manager Jay Ball, “the newly upgraded Niagara Cutter A245/A345 product family solves the power consumption issue that most aluminum manufactures encounter.

“By combining an engineered flute shape and polished K-land, giving you an optimal combination of helix angle and rake angle, this product family reduces power consumption by a minimum of 20%,” he continued.

This product family upgrade also has the latest in engineered PVD coatings called ANF (Aluminum Non-Ferrous.)

“This is a truly unique coating,” according to Ball, “it reduces friction and built-up material on the cutting edge, which improves workpiece surface finish and increases tool life, removing surface finish quality issues when milling aluminum.”

It’s expected that the new coating will increase the end mills’ performance life, versus uncoated and TiCN-coated products. Learn more at

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