SAMAG has developed the modular construction kit for the new MFZ series consistently from the point of view of the workpieces to be machined.

Multi-Spindle Horizontal and Deep Drilling Machines

Jan. 27, 2022
Samag HMCs for high-volume parts are available now for North American producers of automotive powertrain, truck, off-highway, and other components.

GERMAN MACHINE TOOLS of AMERICA is offering a full line of Samag multi-spindle machining centers, including the MFZ Series multi-spindle machines for high-volume cubic workpieces.

SAMAG supplies a complete turnkey machining package, including tooling, workholding, robotic articulation, parts handlers and transfer mechanisms for high-production work – such as knuckles, engine blocks, gear boxes, valves, and connecting rods.

With “FIT 2 PART,” the modular construction kit of the multi-spindle horizontal machining center has been developed consistently from the point of view of the workpiece. The designers’ attention was focused on flexibility: the X, Y, and Z axes of the two-spindle machine can be corrected independently of one another.

Four machine sizes and two types of drive offer options for high-speed machining and heavy-duty cutting.

The number of spindles, the variable distance between them, and the extendable tool magazine allow the machining of diverse workpiece dimensions and capacities.

All models are available with a linear or ball-screw drive and up to four working spindles. Five-axis simultaneous machining and a workpiece feed during primary processing time is possible. The rock-solid machine bed, filled with Hydropol®, is thermally stable and impresses with its excellent damping abilities. Users benefit from productivity increase, flexibility, precision and energy-efficiency. 

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