Mecha AG
Mecha AG DepotMax XL automated part unloader.

Flexible, Automated Part Unloading for Bar Turning

Jan. 6, 2022
A space-saving automation system for high-volume CNC turning centers solves the problem of collecting and storing finished parts.

Swiss engineering company MECHA AG is offering a flexible approach to high-volume removal and storage of finished parts – for example, the output side of CNC turning machine served with an automated bar loading system. With the new DepotMax XL, Mecha is presenting a system for storing long turned parts up to 60 mm diameter. The system can support hours of production without the need for manual intervention.

The DepotMax XL is a parts unloader that collects turned parts from the lathe without damage and stores them chronologically. The parts are fed to the lathe via a conveyor belt, onto which the finished parts are ejected. Alternatively, a separate feed belt can be attached.

The DepotMax XL is unloaded quickly and easily on the rear side through secured pivoting doors.

The DepotMax XL is designed for parts with diameters of 12 to 60 mm and lengths of 60 to 420 mm. The turned parts are gently pushed into hanging V-shaped revolving gondolas using a slide, and stored there. This makes the DepotMax XL flexible: Because part diameter and length are not factors when inserting the part, no retooling is necessary. Since each rotating part is securely in its own gondola, these cannot collide or damage each other.

With its simple storage principle, the DepotMax XL offers sustained production autonomy in a multi-shift system. With 89 memory locations and an assumed cycle time of 5.5 minutes per turned part, the production time is approximately 8 hours.

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