Greenleaf G-9610 inserts.

New Carbide Insert Grade for Machining Titanium

Dec. 9, 2021
Available in various geometries, G-9610 inserts improve productivity for turning, with high resistance to BUE, chemical wear, abrasive wear, and loss of hardness.

GREENLEAF CORP. recently introduced carbide insert grade G-9610, claiming it will deliver a 25% increase in material removal rate and up to 100% increase in tool life versus alternative grades when machining titanium.

Grade G-9610 inserts are available in various geometries and chipforms. Incorporating a PVD coating combined with a proprietary sub-micron substrate, G-9610 inserts improve productivity for turning titanium-based alloys. The smooth and lubricious coating is wear-resistant and chemically-stable, which helps to protect the heat-resistant substrate and allows for higher speeds and extended tool life in continuous cuts.

Other attributes of G-9610 include high resistance to built-up edge (BUE), chemical wear, abrasive wear, and loss of hardness at high temperatures.

The new material is best applied at higher speeds and moderate feed rates, according to the developer. The inserts retain a sharp edge longer than alternative-grade versions, relieving cutting forces and excessive heat.

“This is a breakthrough technology for machining one of the most difficult materials – titanium,” stated Bernie McConnell, EVP - Commercial. “We are proud of our R&D team for again raising the bar and delivering a new titanium turning grade that offers increased value and productivity to our customers.”

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