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New Software Module for Controlled Chip Breaking

Oct. 21, 2021
For thread-turning operations, CoroPlus Tool Path now includes OptiThreading, to eliminate long chips that damage component surfaces and interfere with the cutting zone.

SANDVIK COROMANT unveiled a new machining method for controlled chip breaking in thread turning applications. Launched within the existing CoroPlus® Tool Path software, OptiThreading is a new software module that will help manufacturers overcome one of the most significant issues within thread turning — the risk of chip jams and their associated downtime.

CoroPlus® Tool Path software offers programming support for external and internal thread turning operations. The software generates NC codes based on cutting data parameters to secure the correct number of passes with evenly distributed cutting forces for optimal productivity, tool life and process security. Now, to enhance the software further, Sandvik Coromant has introduced a new module.

A common problem in thread turning is that chips coil around robots, chucks, tools and components. The chips also get caught in conveyors, causing damage and equipment downtime. Successful chip control is the key to good component quality when thread turning.

OptiThreading is developed specifically for CoroThread® 266 tools and inserts. Using the method and software, manufacturers can fully optimize their thread turning operations. As part of the solution, CoroPlus® Tool Path helps users develop optimized OptiThreading tool paths that specifically overcome the challenge of chip control. This is achieved by offering tool paths that deliver controlled, oscillating movements for interrupted cuts that go in and out of the cut on all passes except the last one.

Using OptiThreading eliminates long chips that damage a component’s surface and interfere with the cutting zone, improving component quality. It also results in less manual work to remove long chips jamming the tool, the component or the chip conveyor, resulting in fewer unplanned machine stops.

OptiThreading also makes it possible to increase cutting speeds for shorter cycle times and improved productivity.

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