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Updated Offline Robot-Programming Software

Oct. 14, 2021
Numerous improvements to Robotmaster v7.5 include new material-removal simulation capabilities, so users can forecast whether a collision between the robotic arm and stock material could occur in real life.

HYPERTHERM issued an update to its Robotmaster® offline robot programming software; version 7.5 update focuses on accelerating and simplifying the programming process and includes new features for a variety of robotic applications.

Robotmaster is an offline robot programming software that helps manufacturers maximize their robot’s productivity with easy and efficient robot programming for a variety of applications, such as cutting, trimming, milling, welding, spraying, polishing, sanding, grinding, deburring, and more.

The highlights of the new version include new material-removal simulation capabilities so users can see what the material removal process will look like, helping them to forecast whether a collision between the robotic arm and stock material could occur in real life.

Improvements to the overall user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for easier and faster programming include an improved tab system menu design, a cleaner interface, and many other improvements for an overall 50 percent reduction in programming time.

The streamlined programming includes two new modes: Operation-focused and Orientation helper. Operation-focused consolidates the tools and workflows needed for an error-free program onto one window while Orientation helper, with its combination of axis configuration and optimized automatic path planning, provides live feedback on the feasibility of a planned operation. This makes it ideal for task experts with no robotics experience.

Enhanced CAM functionality helps robot programmers to manage and store operation parameters in an optimized manner resulting in a smoother programming experience.

Formalized support for macros make is simple to manage and validate robot behavior outside of the trajectory scope. A new feature called Macro manager ensures an error- and collision-free path between operations and the executed external macro.

The new version also includes a simplified processor framework that allows users to make updates with minimal training and no coding experience.

“With a rising interest in robotic offline applications, programming challenges increase with new customer requests. Robotmaster V7.5, with its latest set of new features and improvements, like the re-designed tab system and the new interactive tool orientation scan, improves upon Robotmaster's well known state-of-the-art tools to satisfy the market needs, setting an exciting new milestone for the extremely capable V7 architecture,” stated Alfonso Lopez, an applications team manager with IntercamSA, a European distributor of Robotmaster software.

Robotmaster uses integrated CAD/CAM functionality to make robotic programming easy and intuitive for everyone, even first-time users. Learn more at www.robotmaster.com