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Automated Coolant Management System

Sept. 9, 2021
The new, modular and easy-to-install FS40 series monitors and replenishes all CNC sumps with optimized top-off ratios.

PRECISION TOOL TECHNOLOGIES’ 168 Manufacturing is offering the new FS40 series of FullShop™ automated coolant management systems, optimized for the most common CNC machine shop sizes. Due to its modularity, one FS40 system can automate a few CNC machines or expand to accommodate up to 40 CNC machines.

Like the flagship FS120 system, the new FS40 series monitors and replenishes all CNC sumps with optimized top-off ratios.

The turnkey system is easy to install and consists of a centralized pumping station, controller, distribution manifolds and level sensor that drops into the machine tool sump. Compared to the FS120, which has a footprint of 50 by 60 inches, the new FS40 is even more compact — 30 by 30 inches.

Other features of the FS40 include:
- A modular concept that supports five remote fluid nodes
- Per CNC concentration control: top-off at 0.5 to 20 percent
- Collaborative with our FullShop™ coolant health app
- Industry 4.0 features — e.g. remote operation and teleservice
- Simple low-cost installation

Like the FS120, the new FS40 enables unattended CNC operation, bringing “lights-out” capabilities to machine shops. Now, instead of operating one or two shifts a day with a shop full of operators, these shops can run high-volume jobs unattended overnight, keeping the spindles spinning 24/7 and unlocking greater productivity. Learn more at www.168mfg.com.

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