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Software Allows Changing, Automating CNC Offsets

Sept. 2, 2021
New program capability allows users to remotely connect with their Mitsubishi Electric CNC machine to manually change or automate offsets.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC AUTOMATION released CNC Offset Manager software for remote modification of computerized numerical control (CNC) tool and work offsets. It is thus geared toward production managers and supervisors on factory floors across various industries, as well as toward CNC automation software developers.

With the push toward automation and central control, machining facilities are searching for more efficient ways to manage their CNC machines. The software can increase efficiency in multiple ways: for instance, it allows one operator to manage more machines, speeding up machine setup and tool wear changes, or adjusts for parts out of tolerance, as well as centralizing this work so operators don’t need to move between machines or into robot cells.

CNCOffsetManagerrunsonWindows®andisnetworkedtotheMitsubishi Electric CNC via Ethernet. It also has a feature that allows other automation software or systems to interface with the CNC to fully automatetheoffsetmanagementprocess, or to makethechangesfromacentralcell-managementsoftware.Thisallowssoftwarecompaniesto interface their software with Mitsubishi Electric CNC for automation andremote offset management, and allows manufacturers with CNC equipmenttoautomatemachine-tendingCNCcellsandtestingormeasuring equipment, or to centralize the offset management operation sooperatorsandfloorworkerscanworkmoreefficiently.

“ThereleaseofCNCOffsetManageriscomingatagoodtime,”said  RobBrodecki,servicesproductmanageratMitsubishiElectricAutomation.“TheabilitytoremotelymodifyCNCoffsetswillhelpourCNC end-users increase their productivity. We see its use becomingcommonplaceinfactoriesthatuseourCNCequipment.” Learn more at

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