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New 5-Axis UMC for High Precision Cutting

July 15, 2021
A novel machine concept includes a horizontal spindle position that permits the longest possible Z-travel path and optimal chip fall, and the three linear axes maximize stability by minimizing the distance between the guides and the machining point.

GROB SYSTEMS is offering a new, five-axis universal machining center, the G550, featuring a novel milling concept for highly stable and precise cutting of “practically all materials.”

The G550’s horizontal spindle position permits the longest possible Z-travel path and optimal chip fall. The arrangement of the three linear axes maximizes stability by minimizing the distance between the guides and the machining point (TCP.)

The G550’s tunnel concept allows the largest possible component to be swiveled and machined within the work area without collision – even with extremely long tools. Three linear and two rotary axes permit five-sided machining, as well as five-axis simultaneous interpolation, with a swivel range of 230 degrees in the A-axis and 360 degrees in the B-axis.

The G550 is controlled by the GROB4Pilot machine control panel, which offers a multi-functional user interface that provides machine operators with a convenient working environment. The entire production process is digitally mapped on the control panel, from the CAD model through to the NC simulation.

The G550 is available with a selection of powerful tilting rotary tables, with the latest torque motor technology and optimized dynamics. Users can choose between models with T-slots arranged in parallel (standard) or optional pallet clamping system.

A broad range of spindles are offered, ranging from 6,000 to 30,000 (rpm) and 47 to 575 (Nm.)

The GROB motorized spindle with cross-feed allows complex internal and external contours to be manufactured with controllable tools. It offers system rigidity, high cutting speeds for machining contours, and low tooling costs.

The GROB chip-in-spindle detection system (SiS) detects tool clamping faults, optimizing the machining process and avoiding damage. Additional single and double disk type tool magazines are available for the G550, providing fast chip-to-chip times, a smaller space requirement and optimized accessibility.

Available automation options include linear and rotary pallet storage systems as well as a pallet changer system. GROB software solutions are available to optimize and analyze the machine kinematics of the G550 and minimize deviations down to the finest detail. Learn more at