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Compact, Automated 5-Axis Machining

June 24, 2021
The new DMP 35 offers high productivity for machining aluminum to titanium, in a minimal footprint, with optional automation and tool magazine set-up.

DMG MORI introduced its DMP 35 five-axis machine, offering high-productivity, automated machining in a minimal footprint of 3.5 m2, a width of 1,285 mm, and a minimal height of 2,090 mm.

The DMP 35 has a swiveled A-axis for optional five-axis simultaneous machining. The WH 3 Cell establishes automated machining while occupying just 1.15 m² additional floor space – with optimized accessibility and high-quality DMG Mori components:
- Inline spindle with 15,000 min-1 (optionally 24,000 min-1);
- Tool magazine with 15 places (optionally 25 places)

The DMP 35 is based on the same components as the well-established DMP 70, and likewise capable of producing complex workpieces from a wide range of materials, from aluminum to titanium, efficiently, reliably, and precisely.

"In particular, users in competitive industries such as manufacturing and medical technology benefit from the added spatial value of the DMP 35," according to Fabian Suckert, managing director of Deckel Maho Seebach. Traverse paths of 350x420x380 mm are particularly impressive on a width of only 1,285 mm.

The DMP 35 meets the requirements of demanding production at all times: an inline spindle with 15,000 rpm, direct absolute path measuring systems in all axes, and the tool magazine with 15 places for tools up to 150 mm long. Optionally, 25 tool places are possible, which increases the width of the DMP 35 to just1,410 mm.

The modular system also includes a spindle with 24,000 min-1 and an HSK-A40 or SK 30 interface.

Equipment for the DMP 35 includes an inline spindle with 15,000 min-1, direct absolute path measuring systems in all axes, and the tool magazine with 15 places for tools up to 150 mm long.

With the integrated table for five-axis simultaneous machining, the DMP 35 ensures vibration-free and highly accurate milling in applications with high quality requirements, with free chip fall. DMG MORI also offers an internal coolant supply with 40 bar, and a chip conveyor with a capacity of up to 1,000 cm³/min. Along with the internal doors, the ensures high process reliability.

The DMP 35 allows highly efficient, reliable, and precise production of complex workpieces made of a wide range of materials from aluminum to titanium.

The DMP 35 autonomously produces fully automated components with short changeover times in top quality, and DMG MORI customers now benefit from innovative programming. With the new input programming on the WH 3, the set-up process can be simplified and shortened. Combined with the WH 3 and the right technology, the DMP 35 becomes the right manufacturing solution. Learn more at