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High-Precision Touch Probe for Grinders, Lathes

May 20, 2021
For in-process workpiece measurement this probe achieves reproducibility at increased probing speeds, and the inherent low probing force is effective for delicate workpieces.

HEIDENHAIN’s new TS 750 high-precision touch probe is now available for in-process workpiece measurement in grinding machines and lathes. This durable new probe offers the ability to state the reproducibility of its jobs at increased probing speeds better than its competitors. And the low probing force inherent in the new TS 750 is an important benefit when working with soft or delicate workpieces.

The TS 750 operates with high-precision pressure sensors, with force analysis for generating the trigger pulse. The forces that arise during probing are processed electronically. This method delivers extremely homogeneous, 360° probing accuracy. It offers high probing speed of up to 1 m/min and does not require a minimum speed.

Also, due to its very low probing forces of approximately 1.5 N (axial) and 0.2 N (radial), the TS 750 can attain high probing accuracy (±1 µm) and repeatability with almost no effect on the measured object. Only on further deflection do the forces of the springs take effect until the machine stops.

Delivering reliable measurements after prolonged use -even after five million probing cycles- this TS 750 touch probe is still highly accurate: with a probing repeatability of down to 2 σ ≤ 0.25 µm at its high probing speed. Learn more at www.heidenhain.us/about-us