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Np Supfina Modular Cell Smc 800

Modular Robotic System for Flexibility and Precision

May 20, 2021
A customizable system can integrate up to seven operations to create a unique automated robotic cell, from a stand-alone system or part of an entire production suite.

SUPFINA MACHINE CO.’s Modular Cell is a highly customizable system that provides an end-user the ability to integrate up to seven operations to create a unique, automated robotic cell. The cell can be a stand-alone system or be easily integrated within an entire production suite.

Operations within the Modular Cell can be fully customized and are capable of including dozens of individual processes within the realm of abrasive machining, assembly, automation, conventional machining, post-machining, and secondary operations.

Other features include a proprietary locking mechanism, allowing for quick changes of specific modules in a matter of minutes. This provides fast changeover time, ease of installation, and improved accessibility for maintenance.  When implementing a new program on the floor, buying an entirely new system is no longer needed, as updating can be as simple as adding a new module to an existing cell. This design also allows for quick re-tooling, addressing the issue faced by many high-mix manufacturers.

The intuitive software within the Modular Cell is designed for machine learning and predictive analytics, as well as providing the opportunity for data storage in the cloud. As the Modular Cell can be programmed for multiple workpieces, the system can delineate which workpiece is being machined and uses the correct modules for that given part. Also, with the ability to run different workpieces in parallel, users can gain a higher throughput while maintaining a limited factory footprint. Some added benefits are the timely delivery of spare parts and expedited mechanical assistance, limiting downtime with improvements in connectivity. Learn more at

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