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High-Speed Steel Geometry Insert

April 22, 2021
High-speed steel geometry provides superior performance and chip formation, for faster penetration rates with maximum coolant flow and excellent rigidity.

ALLIED MACHINE AND ENGINEERING has expanded its T-A Pro high-penetration drilling system. The “X” geometry, super cobalt insert works as a drill-everything insert while significantly lowering the risk for high-value components. When functioning in less than ideal conditions, the high-speed steel geometry provides superior performance and chip formation in addition to process security when needed most.

As the most recent addition to the T-A Pro high-penetration drilling system, not only are faster penetration rates maintained but the redesigned body offers maximum coolant flow and excellent rigidity. This offers machine shops and manufacturers a spade drill that operates at incredible speeds and a cost per hole that averages 25% less than other existing drills. 

With a tool life that rivals carbide, the high-speed steel geometry insert works well in almost every material class. Allied Machine’s team of engineers developed this insert as the simplest solution for selecting a drill insert when hole quality, tool life, and process security are the primary needs of the application. Even in the toughest cutting conditions, this insert provides excellent hole quality for use in job shops and large-part manufacturers, such as heavy equipment and aerospace.

T-A Pro’s high-speed steel geometry insert series Z-3 is now available in diameters ranging from 0.437 – 1.882 in. (11.10 – 47.80mm). Learn more at