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Next-Generation Wire Electric-Discharge Machine

April 22, 2021
The RoboCut α- CiC wire EDM minimizes distortion, with new discharge devices that improve surface roughening capabilities while maintaining high cutting speeds.

METHODS MACHINE TOOLS recently added the FANUC RoboCut α- CiC series to its line of wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) products. “The α-CiC series continues to push the boundaries of speed, precision, and reliability,” said Steve Raucci, Methods’ technical sales director and RoboCut product manager. “The redesigned α-CiC series creates a faster, more exact EDM experience.”

The next generation of the RoboCut is the most productive wire EDM machine on the market, according to Methods Machine Tools, with the rigidity necessary to minimize the amount of distortion embedded into each part. New discharge devices, powered by the SF3 power supply, improve surface roughening capabilities while maintaining high cutting speeds.

Additional features include a taper adjustment function for high-precision taper cutting, thermal displacement compensation for increased stability, and faster cycle times thanks to the automatic wire feeding system, AWF3, and core stitch technology.

Currently available in two sizes, the RoboCut α-C400iC has travel lengths of 15.748 in. (400 millimeters (mm) on the X-axis, 11.811 in. (300 mm) on the Y-axis, and 10.039 in. (255 mm) on the Z-axis.

Travel on the α-C600iC is 23.622 in. (600 mm), 15.748 in. (400 mm), and 12.204 in. (310 mm) on the X-, Y-, and Z-axis, respectively. Learn more at