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Np Methods Kh 4100kai 800

New Four-Axis Horizontal Machining Center

April 1, 2021
Updated four-axis HMC has new controls, new internal sheet metal placement, and wipers all contributing to improved planning, machining, and chip flow.

METHODS MACHINE TOOLS INC. recently released the KIWA KH-4100kai, a compact, four-axis horizontal with a more modern design compared to its predecessor, and noteworth internal improvements. "New controls, new internal sheet metal placement, and wipers all contribute to improved planning, machining, and chip flow," according to Bernie Otto, Methods' director of technical support.

Outfitted with FANUC's new 0i-MF Plus control, the KH-4100kai offers numerous customizable functions, a new user interface, as well as pallet and tool management screens. New internal sheet metal placement and machine way wipers keep chips from interfering with critical components and guide chips to the center trough, ensuring a pristine, debris-free environment.

The KH-4100kai retains the features and benefits of the KH-4100 in a compact, familiar package. Benefits include simultaneous four-axis machining, a wide center trough in the machining area, and a unique coolant chip flow system.

The BIG-PLUS 40-taper spindle, backed by 20 horsepower and capable of running at 15,000 rotations per minute, guarantees rigidity and uniform cuts.

A 60-tool automatic tool changer comes standard, giving operators versatile tooling options. Travel is 20.1 inches / 510 millimeters on the X, Y, and Z axes. Learn more at

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