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Automation Retrofits for Grinding Machines

April 1, 2021
“Seamless” update replaces gantry-beam loaders robots – supporting automation software and allowing multi-tray loading of various workpiece diameters.

UNITED GRINDING NORTH AMERICA is offering a “seamless” automation retrofit for Walter Helitronic Power Series tool-grinding machines to replace the original gantry beam-type loaders (now obsolete) with faster, more productive Fanuc LR Mate 200i robots -- the same as are featured on brand new Walter Helitronic machine models.

In addition to speed, the new robots handle an increased number of workpieces/tools, are more compact and consume less energy. They also support the latest Walter Helitronic Tool Studio and Robot Manager software, so users can load multiple trays with various workpiece diameters for lights-out unattended production.

To allow for retrofitting modern automation when rebuilding the machines, Walter reengineered and reconfigured its controls because the original offering lacked the functionality to support today’s robots. Now, as part of a rebuild, United Grinding outfits machines with the new Fanuc CNC as well as all new electrics (Fanuc drives and motors) that accommodate the robots and all necessary software.

The new Fanuc CNC extends machine lifespan as well as adds features, functions, and convenience. They can provide user-friendly conversational programming and advanced functions available on a machine that reached the market before these operator-oriented approaches debuted.

Cost is one benefit of rebuilding existing equipment through the United Grinding North America Rebuild Department: On average, a rebuilt grinding machine costs roughly 75% of new equipment. Once rebuilt, a machine looks, works, and produces like new, with re-commissioned geometry, renewed guideways, and enhanced precision. Learn more at www.grinding.com

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