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High-Performance, Solid-Ceramic End Mills

Feb. 11, 2021
The strength of the material allows users to apply chip loads similar to solid-carbide end mills, with higher speeds common to ceramic machining.

GREENLEAF CORP. is offering a new line of high-performance solid-ceramic end mills -- XSYTIN®-360 -- that combine its phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a novel cutting geometry that offers ten times higher productivity and significant cost savings. The strength of the material allows users to apply chip loads similar to solid-carbide end mills with higher speeds common to ceramic machining. These new ceramic end mills provide customers with significant increases in productivity over current solid-carbide or ceramic products.

XSYTIN®-1, introduced in 2016, was engineered to machine a wider variety of materials than any other ceramic in the industry. The structure of this phase-toughened ceramic exhibits high wear-resistance and outstanding thermal-shock resistance, which makes the XSYTIN®-360 end mills highly predictable, very versatile, high- performance products.

XSYTIN®-360 end mills have shown the highest material removal rates and resulted in increased productivity on a wide range of materials. These end mills are proven to be extremely effective when machining a variety of different materials, including high-temperature alloys; 3D-printed, sintered high-temperature alloys; hardened steels; ductile cast irons; and compacted graphite iron (CGI.) In hardened steels specifically, the tool life of XSYTIN®-360 end mills has proven to be equal to high-performance carbide end mills when run at high-end speeds (11,460 RPM), while also removing over 73 cubic inches (over 1200 cubic cm) of material.

Features and benefits of XSYTIN®-360 end mills include:
• The flute design minimizes cutting forces, which reduces vibrations and optimizes tool life;
• XSYTIN®-1 ceramic material provides ultra-high strength and wear resistance at extreme feed rates;
• Four-flute design allows for maximum material removal in slotting, pocketing, and profiling applications;
• Overall length of the end mills provides the option for regrinding;
A very broad application range means numerous machining centers are able to run these end mills;
High-versatility end mills with twice the feed rate capability and a much broader speed range;
• Increased material removal rates (MRR) of 100% over carbide solutions.

Well suited to machining materials in the aerospace, automotive, die-and-mold, and power generation industries, XSYTIN®-360 inch and metric end mills are available now. Learn more at

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