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Low-Maintenance Vise for Workpiece Clamping

Jan. 7, 2021
Compact, square workholding device has an integral flange, so it can be mounted directly to the machining table for optimal accessibility and a 6-mm per jaw stroke,

The SCHUNK Tandem PGS3-LH 100 can be mounted directly via the integrated flange on the machine tables, dividing heads or SCHUNK Vero-S NSL3 150 clamping stations of machining centers. Its compact and square design ensures optimal accessibility and enables a stroke of 6 mm per jaw.

With a clamping force of 4,500 N and a repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm, the low-maintenance PGS3 is suitable for basic applications in machining aluminum and plastics. Special quality features include a chip-repelling design, the surface-treated components in the power flux, and the fact that the long base jaw guidances avoid lifting of the chuck jaws. The vise can be equipped with all standard top jaws with tongue and groove (KTR, KTR-H) from Schunk’s extensive chuck jaw program.

The vise can be immediately incorporated into any machine tool: it has lateral air connections and built-in keyways. Learn more at

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