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Drills and Milling Cutters in U.S. Fractional Units

Oct. 8, 2020
A new range of tools is available with diameters in fractional inches, including micro drills and mills, for materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and superalloys.

MIKRON TOOL is offering its drilling and milling tools with diameters in fractional inches, starting from 1/64 up to 1/4 in. depending on the product line, for a large assortment of its drilling and milling cutter families. The selection is focused on materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and superalloys.

The range includes micro drills and micro mills of 0.016 in. and extends up to diameter 0.250 in. From the high-performance small Crazy Drill Steel up to the cylindrical micro end mill Crazy Mill Cool, Mikron Tool offers a tool range that will satisfy most every need in a multitude of projects.

Every tool has specific characteristics. For example, internal cooling channels — as in the case of the CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox deep-hole drill — allow efficient chip evacuation and thus ensure high-performance machining even at a drilling depth of 40 x d. Or, the special cutting geometry of the plunge mill CrazyMill P&S that allows perpendicular plunging with subsequent milling into solid material and so perfect for slots and pockets in minimal space. This range starts from a diameter of 0.039 in. (1 mm) or 1/16 in. for fractional sizes. Learn more at www.mikrontool.com

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