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Autonomous Intelligent Tool and Process Monitoring

Oct. 1, 2020
By measuring force and strain, GEMGP is able to detect and report on tool breakage, missing tools, overload, tool wear, and fluid flow in real time.

MARPOSS, suppliers of measurement, inspection and test technologies, offers the new Artis GEMGP stand-alone package for detecting process anomalies during machining and metal cutting. By measuring force and strain, GEMGP is able to detect and report on tool breakage, missing tools, overload, tool wear and fluid flow in real time. This helps to prevent damage to the machine, reduce scrap, and improve productivity.

GEMGP can accommodate two sensors for measuring force and strain values obtained from the spindle during the machining process. A highly flexible solution, the GEMGP offers three different monitoring strategies and can handle up 127 different cutting cycles with varying types of limits for each cycle.

Any events that exceed the pre-fixed limits are recorded in a log-file.

The compact GEMGP is designed for easy installation and operation and can be housed within machine electrical cabinet robots, handling systems or other devices. All necessary functions and interfaces are integrated in the module. Featuring digital I/O interface, the GEMGP is independent of the NC type and can be run from any PLC, enabling a discrete connect to the module.

The GEMGP can be used in stand-alone mode with the operating software run on Windows® (WIN 7/10) machine control panels or Siemens Linux systems (TCU). The software can be installed on industrial PCs from Marposs or on any Window (WIN 7/10).

As part of the Genior Modular product family, the GEMGP capability can be built upon or integrated into the Genior Modular system for process monitoring purposes, delivering the strain, force and flow data to the processing unit for further evaluation. Learn more at

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