Okuma America
Okuma Mcr S 800

Double Column Machining Center for Lower Cycle Time

Sept. 10, 2020
Okuma's MCR-S roughs and finishes press dies in one setup, combining cutting-edge technology and process improvements to reduce cycle time by 25%.

OKUMA AMERICA CORP. has debuted the MCR-S double-column machining center (DCMC), designed for heavy-duty machining of process-intensive press dies, and capable of roughing and finishing large-scale dies in a single set-up. It features full, five-face and five-axis machining — excellent for die repair work.

The MCR-S accommodates a wide range of stamping die requirements, making it a goodl fit for automotive and aerospace sector work. It can handle hardened cast iron, nonferrous and exotic materials.

Maximum productivity and accuracy are achieved through various "intelligent" technologies, including:
  The MCR-S "one set-up" process, which achieves a 25-percent reduction in cycle time compared to similar models by utilizing faster cutting feed rates and spindle speeds, and eliminating the process-intensive steps of manually finishing a die.
  The Okuma Thermo-Friendly technology, which reduces heat in the machining process and compensates for any ambient temperature changes, allowing for continuous long runs of cutting without comprising accuracy.
 The Okuma Hyper-Surface feature, which detects and automatically compensates surface disturbances in the part program to eliminate streaks or stripes for a high-quality surface finish.
• The novel die-alignment processing that reduces concave/convex die-alignment times.

The MCR-S won a “2019 Best 10 New Products” award by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. Learn more at www.okuma.com.

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