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The Laserax LXQ fiber-laser market system

Laser Marker System Updated for Simplicity, Support

July 23, 2020
Laserax’s new LXQ laser marker is updated for quick integration in all types of production lines, offering speed and reliability for marking, engraving, etching, and surface annealing metal parts.

Recently LASERAX released its new LXQ Fiber Laser Marker series, incorporating new features aimed at reducing integration time and cost, as well as at facilitating collaboration between system integrators and laser experts.

The LXQ is a fiber-laser marking system designed for quick integration in all types of production lines, offering speed and reliability for marking metal parts. It can apply permanent marks including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, alphanumeric characters, and logos.

The new LXQ system has a remote connection capability that grants system control to a Laserax expert or partner anywhere in the world. Relying on a secure cloud VPN, this allows laser experts to offer better support to integrators and end-users using remote services, such as installation, training, after-sales support and live demos.

“In the aftermath of COVID-19, our capacity to provide support regardless of physical barriers will be ever more important,” according to president Xavier Godmaire. “We will be able to do this through remote support and with a local presence ensured by system integrators and partners. The LXQ Series will foster close partnerships between Laserax and integrators. It will make their lives easier by bringing our laser expertise to them, regardless of where they are.”

Several features were developed to make LXQ Series system integration straightforward:
• A web-based HMI can be displayed in any web browser, for quick control of the laser without programming;
System interfacing can be done using the most standard industrial protocols;
Fully configured peripherals are ready to be used, including a Cognex camera for barcode validation, an air-knife for lens protection, and 3D-autofocus sensors for automatic adjustments.

Laserax systems are custom-configured with the marking process required for specific applications. If there is a change in manufacturing process, the laser configuration can be updated to fit your new process.

Systems configured for laser engraving vaporize materials into fumes. Although metal engraving is slower than other processes, the results are more durable, and fiber-laser engravers can engrave steel, aluminum and other metals.

Systems configured with laser etching can mark metals at high speeds. The laser beam creates black and white bumps by melting the surface for a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, lead, magnesium, zinc, etc.

Instead of creating surface markings, laser annealing chemically modifies the material’s color under the surface. It is used with stainless steel and chrome parts to preserve the protective layer.

Apart from laser marking, LXQ fiber-laser systems can be used for laser cleaning, texturing and hardening to treat surfaces. All these processes can replace technologies and treatments that require consumables.

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