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Compact Coolant-Through Collet Holder for Live Tooling

June 25, 2020
A REGO-FIX space-saving option for use with floating chucks and ERA toolholders, the Hi-Q/ERAX collet holder helps to maximize the range of turning machines and minimize interference contour for larger parts and tighter envelopes.

REGO-FIX USA is extending its reCool® line of coolant-through systems for live tooling on CNC lathes with reCool ERAX, for driven tools with externally threaded nuts. According to the developer, the new toolholding option quickly gives coolant-through capabilities to conventional lathes, with minimal loss (approximately 10 mm) of machining range or additional interference.

Developed as a space-saving solution for use with REGO-FIX floating chucks, ERA holders such as the ERA Zero-Z® and other ER collet holders with externally threaded nuts, the Hi-Q®/ERAX is recommended for maximizing the range of turning machines and minimizing the interference contour for larger parts and tighter machining envelopes.

With reCool, driven tools and turning machines can be retrofitted for coolant-through functionality, easily introducing the possibility of improved tool life and productivity.

The reCool ERAX uses the patented reCool design to deliver coolant with a maximum pressure of 1,450 psi in live tooling applications, with speeds up to 12,000 rpm. Equally well suited for emulsion and oil coolants, the system is available now for ER collet sizes 16, 20, 25 and 32, to handle tools between 3-20 mm in diameter.

Both through-tool coolant and peripheral cooling are possible using REGO-FIX DS/ER sealing disks and KS/ER coolant flush disks, respectively.

A free four-week trial of reCool is available. Learn more at