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Mexitronica, PrecisionFab

The exposition and conference, now in its 14th year, drew more than 6,000 attendees in 2007, one of the largest industry gatherings of its kind in North America.
Part of Mexico’s International Design and Manufacturing Technology Week, Mexitrnica offers electronics industry suppliers the opportunity to identify and to connect with the professionals who operate the country’s largest and smallest manufacturing facilities. The exposition features a full range of tools, materials, capital equipment, components and services used to bring modern electronic products from concept to volume production.
A buying center inside the expo functions as a private work environment where pre-registered buyers from the industry’s high-volume manufacturers can conduct scheduled business meetings during exhibition hours. The buying center is sponsored by CADELEC – Mexico’s electronics industry user group.
Mexitrnica workshops and conference sessions are presented by a mix of industry consultants, manufacturers, associations and suppliers and cover a wide range of technical and management topics. Subjects include conversion to lead-free manufacturing; static control in the workplace; counterfeit components; lean manufacturing; SPC; six-sigma case studies; rework and repair; and system design concepts for tomorrow’s products.

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