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Machined mold 1540x800
GF Machining Solutions develops milling and EDM machines, particularly for manufacturing molds, dies, and complex metal parts.

Two AM Experts Promise “a New Generation of 3DP”

GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems will introduce a new AM machine at IMTS, part of their strategic partnership to “deliver a new concept in factory automation”

Two influential sources of additive manufacturing technologies have struck up a partnership they promise will bring forth “a new generation of 3D printing solutions”: machine-tool builder GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems, a source for additive manufacturing systems, products, and services, will introduce “a new and commonly developed additive manufacturing machine” next month as part of their cooperation agreement.

The new system will be introduced September 10, in Chicago, at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS.)

But, the partners’ goal is more than a new metal AM printer: 3D Systems indicated they will integrate their various expertise to “deliver a new concept in factory automation that includes software for enhanced part design, 3D printers, materials and automated material handling, electrical discharge machining (EDM), milling equipment and advanced post-processing technologies.”

The full terms of the partnership have not been clarified. GFMS stated the partnership “will combine 3D Systems’ metals additive manufacturing expertise with GF Machining Solutions’ subtractive metal manufacturing expertise”; 3D Systems stated they will “enhance metal parts production and redefine how manufacturers think about their manufacturing environments.”

Vyomesh Joshi, 3D Systems president and CEO said, “both companies share the same vision for transforming manufacturing. We are looking forward to delivering integrated technology solutions to provide our customers with significant competitive advantage through reduced production time, faster time to part, and overall lower total cost of operation.”

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