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Microlution supplies three four and fiveaxis micromilling machines femtosecond laser machining platforms and a micro lathe for turning operations
<p>Microlution supplies three-, four-, and five-axis micro-milling machines, femtosecond laser machining platforms, and a micro lathe for turning operations.</p>

GF Machining Buys Micromachining System Specialist

Purchase combines milling, EDM, and femtosecond laser-based machining technologies Terms not revealed Complements technology platform Targeting aerospace, medical products

GF Machining Solutions agreed to a takeover of Microlution Inc., a Chicago-based developer of micromachining products incorporating milling and laser technologies. The two parties agreed not to announce the terms of their transaction.

Founded in 2005, Microlution posted $10 million in sales in 2015. It has 30 employees. GF Machining did not indicate how the new holding would be managed going forward, though it appears that Microlution will continue as a distinct brand. “The company has developed, within a short time, a remarkable know-how in micromachining, which complements very well the technology portfolio of GF Machining Solutions. We look forward to supporting Microlution in widening its presence in the U.S. and worldwide,” according to GF’s CEO Yves Serra.

The buyer — which develops and manufacturers high-performance milling machines and electric-discharge machines — explained that the acquisition “is in line with GF Machining Solutions’ strategy to enlarge its technology portfolio to fully meet the needs of manufacturers in targeted industry segments, including aerospace and medical."

"Micromachining” refers to a variety of processes for machining very small parts and/or features using tiny tools and/or precision milling technology. According to information posted on its website, Microlution develops “ultra precise machining platforms designed to integrate part handling, motion control, part characterization and quality control for a complete, automated micro manufacturing solution.”

The company also claims to address “the shortcomings of traditional machine tools.” It supplies three-, four-, and five-axis micro-milling machines, femtosecond laser machining platforms, and a micro lathe for turning operations. The systems are used in aerospace, medical, and automotive manufacturing, among others.

"Compared to traditional machine tools, Microlution provides solutions that reduce cycle time, decrease disposable tooling costs, and improve surface finish in a significantly smaller machine footprint,” Microlution contended.

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