Haas Automation is making a ‘virtual’ expansion to its service and spare parts network with the launch of HaasParts.com and the online Haas Resource Center.

Haas Expands Parts, Service, Resources Online

Jan. 22, 2014
HaasParts.com speeds part selection, delivery Haas Resource Center, source for care, maintenance tips

Haas Automation has CNC machines installed in shops and manufacturing plants worldwide, and that base is supported by 170 factory outlets in over 60 countries, with delivery services, on-site consigned inventories, and trained service technicians.

Now, the California-based machine tool builder is making a ‘virtual’ expansion to that service and spare parts network. With the launch of HaasParts.com, Haas CNC machine owners can also shop online for OEM Haas parts, and access maintenance and repair procedures, best practices, manuals and documentation, system diagrams, and more information channels via the online Haas Resource Center.

At HaasParts.com, customers enter the serial number of a particular machine to search for parts they may need. Or, they can enter the Haas part number directly. Once they’ve identified the needed part (or parts), they can be added to parts list and the order can be placed.

Orders are sent directly to the customer’s local Haas Factory Outlet, which will contact the buyer to finalize payment and delivery.

Customers may access the website from www.HaasCNC.com, or directly at www.HaasParts.com.

The online Haas Resource Center is a single source for essential information about the care and maintenance of Haas CNC machines. Customers will find extensive details that will help them keep machines running optimally. Content is available in according to several categories: Routine Maintenance, How To – Best Practices, Manuals & Documentation, Repairs & Service, and Drawings & Diagrams.

The information in the Haas Resource Center is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format, and new content will be added regularly. In addition, the content on the site can be translated automatically into over 40 languages. The Haas Resource Center is accessible from the home page at www.HaasCNC.com 

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