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Starrag LX021 turbine blade machining center.

Precision Machine Builder Makes its Presence Known

Nov. 3, 2022
North America is targeted for expansion by Starrag Group, offering its precision-focused portfolio that includes services and technical resources that focus on the requirements and expectations of machining operations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The various milling, turning, boring, and grinding systems Starrag Group supplies are appreciated worldwide for the precision and consistency that buyers expect from Swiss-built machines. But at IMTS 2022 the group made it known that it is focusing on the requirements and expectations of machining operations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It detailed several efforts it has made – and is continuing to pursue – to help the region’s manufacturers to work more efficiently (and profitably) with Starrag machinery and technology.

In the past year Starrag has expanded its team of experts offering service in North America, and increased the inventory of spare parts available in the region. (The machine builder noted there is more than 700 of its machines installed in North America currently.) It renovated and expanded its Kentucky TechCenter and Showroom where it has installed a Starrag LX021 turbine blade machining center (above), a five-axis, multi-purpose Heckert T45 horizontal machining center, and the new Bumotec 191neo multi-axis, multi-tasking machining center for producing small, complex parts in a single set-up.

Also, the Tech Center will provide on-machine training, as well as turnkeys, open houses and live demonstrations that can be broadcast directly.

As for customer service, Starrag’s Service Plus packages provide users with tailored support packages that include service, support, and maintenance at fixed, calculable prices over the service life of a machine. All service requests are answered by a Starrag technician (no automated response), and response time to any service request is no more than four hours, Starrag reports. That also includes on-site service within 24 hours and next-business-day parts delivery.

Applications support is another element of Starrag’s customer support program, as its engineers and technicians collaborating with users (“… often from the start of every new project”) to identify and plan effective and efficient ways to manufacture parts in any size and/or material.

Starrag recently opened a new office in Mexico too, with sales, applications and service support in Queretaro, which has many operations involved in aerospace and automotive manufacturing. “It is being established to serve the dynamic growth and development of these industry sectors,” according to Starrag regional sales manager Carlos Castro, who heads the new office.

“The region has 45 industrial parks and employs more than 49,000 people in automotive and aerospace alone,” he added. “These companies are involved in the production of light vehicles, and auto parts and components – while the aerospace companies machine engines, landing gear assemblies, turbines and electrical systems, for instance – making this region a critical center for advanced manufacturing, engineering, design and development of strategic value to the world’s aerospace and automotive industries.”

The Mexico site also will also present Starrag’s partnership with – and products from – TAMS (process monitoring software), Blum-Novotest (probing for parts measuring, tool setting and surface finish verification), Haimer (precision tool holding), and Blaser Swisslube.

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