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Wide and Flat Aluminum Table Plates

Wide and Flat Aluminum Table Plates

Aluminum Table PlatesTechno Inc. (
has introduced a new line of aluminum extrusion table plates in 1, 2, or 3 meter (3.28 ft., 6.56 ft., 9.84 ft.) lengths and widths that range from 75mm to 375mm (2.95 in. to 14.76 in.). The company said the table plates have a unique T-slot design that makes fixturing and set-up easy while eliminating the need to drill and tap. The T-slots run the length of each table plate and can be used with a variety of profiles and extrusions.

The aluminum table plates provide a large, flat, rigid, work platform for, and can be used to clamp parts in position. They allow extrusions to be joined to make solid table surfaces of any width for applications such as test stands, flexible manufacturing cells, lab equipment, and transfer lines.

The table plates are made from clear, anodized extruded aluminum with T-slots on 25 mm (0.984 in.) and 50 mm (1.97 in.) centers, ensuring flexible tooling and quick changeover. Techno said the table plates have a flatness and maximum twist of 0.5mm/ meter (0.0197 in./3.28 ft.) and can be ordered with T-slots on both sides of the extrusion.

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