Metalworking Associations Cooperate In Healthcare Programs

Metalworking Associations Cooperate In Healthcare Programs

The Precision Metalforming Association, the Industrial Fasteners Institute, the Forging Industry Association, the Non-Ferrous Founders' Society and the Spring Manufacturers Institute have formed the Metalworking Manufacturing Coalition to develop and offer a new health insurance program for the metalworking manufacturing industry and their member companies.

One of the coalition's missions is to help member companies to control spiraling costs of health insurance. Creation of the MMC Trust allows members of all five associations the potential to pool the claim experience of more than 1,600 metalworking companies and nearly 125,000 employees. The large risk pool helps to stabilize insurance costs for small and middle-market businesses that otherwise would have to purchase a plan on their own, and is expected to help balance out premium increases over the life of the program. The program is offered by Trustmark Affinity Markets, underwritten by Trustmark Life Insurance Company, Lake Forest, IL.

The Metalworking Manufacturing Coalition Health and Life Trust Plan offers a range of choices for participating member companies, including a PPO plan, health savings accounts, prescription drug benefits, and other benefits, including dental, accidental death and dismemberment and disability coverage.

For more information on the pro-gram, contact George Michelic at Trustmark Affinity Markets at 847-283-2041.

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