The crowd lines up to catch a glimpse of DMG Mori's new hybrid machine, the Lasertec 65 3D.

IMTS 2014: 3-D Printing Steals the Show

Sept. 10, 2014
IMTS Day Two closed out with an official count of 106,250 attendees at IMTS 2014, just shy of 6,000 more than 2012. The biggest aisle blockers? 3-D Printing.

In 2012, additive manufacturing was still in the 'Emerging Technologies' classification.  This year, 3-D printing has broken out of Emerging Tech and is "on fire," says Tom Charron, vice president of product marketing at 3D Systems.  "The whole space is growing like crazy and there is so much interest all the way from the little consumer stuff that everybody knows about, all the way up to metals."

The blocked aisles at IMTS are a witness to the 3-D revolution.  The attendees that made it into the 3-D exhibitor booths weren't there just to check out the pretty toys, however. They came in as they would any machine tool or grinding booth: armed with questions about tolerances and capabilities, ROIs and output potential.

Find out more about 3-D printing at IMTS 2014 from 3-D Printing Steals the Show: Notes from IMTS 2014 on IndustryWeek, an American Machinist companion site within Penton’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Group.

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