Spring Technologies’ mobile system WYSIWYC® (What You See Is What You Cut) will have its first U.S. demonstration.

Remote, Mobile and Synchronized Simulation for CNC Machines

July 30, 2014
Adopting remote and mobile software “revolutionizes” the way operators interact with CNC machines Links NCSimul Machine, NCSimul Player 9.2. Latest version optimized for Panasonic Toughpad

Among other process simulation advances, Spring Technologies will emphasize the growing adoption of remote and mobile software accessibility — and specifically its recently introduced mobile system, WYSIWYC® (What You See Is What You Cut). 

Spring Technologies develops software solutions that enable manufacturers to optimize their CNC machines, and offers a flagship simulation software, NCSimul Machine and NCSimul Player 9.2. It works in collaboration with manufacturers in aerospace and defense, transportation, energy, industrial equipment and medical devices sectors.

At IMTS 2014, NCSimul Player 9.2 will be embedded on a fully rugged, mobile Panasonic Toughpad IP65 to show how it is connected to machine tool controllers, such as Fanuc CNCs. With this capability, shop-floor operators and managers are able to interact remotely – in 3D, and in real-time using intuitive touch controls – with one or several CNC machines and their machining processes, as they execute the CNC program on the machine.

3D animations of CNC machining processes, as well as related work instruction sheets are directly accessible from the mobile application.

Spring Technologies describes WYSIWYC as the optimal use of manufacturing companies’ CNC machines, maximizing their productivity. Its “smart” solutions are integrated, intelligent, instrumented, and based on Spring Technologies’ “NCExperience” philosophy. The NCSimul Solutions portfolio integrates the complete machining process, in real time, including cutting and tool libraries, post-processing, NC simulation, technical content publishing and DNC monitoring.