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Easy Automation: KUKA and the IMTS Robot Show

July 16, 2014
To prove its 'Automation Becomes Easy' thesis at IMTS this year, KUKA Robotics will be offering real-life demonstrations of the ease its machines offer. Which means robots on hand will be making a show of what they do best: actual industrial work.

Robots are always one of the biggest draws at IMTS, and this year should be no different.

Booths at the September show will be stuffed full of automation geeks watching Motoman robots deal cards and perform their oddly human-like tricks, as they did in 2012. And Fanuc's booth, with its great yellow robotic arms tossing auto parts overhead and bench-pressing buses will offer a nearly inescapable draw.

But this year, KUKA Robotics is taking it a step further.

To prove its "Automation Becomes Easy" thesis at IMTS this year, KUKA will be offering real-life demonstrations of the ease its machines offer. Which means, rather than showing off with tricks and feats of strength, robots on hand will be doing exactly what they were designed to do – arc welding, machining, tending lathes, flexing axes and generally simulating the full job shop experience.

For the real industrial geeks in the crowd, that will make for an awfully exciting show.

KUKA Products and Demonstrations

Included in this show will be the North American debut of KUKA's KR AGILUS small robot series.

The KR AGILUS, the company explains, is unique in its payload category; setting new standards with 6 axes, very high speeds, short cycle times, integrated energy supply.

Other In-booth robotic innovation debuts will include; the new KR QUANTEC KR 270 R2900 Ultra K, and a live milling demonstration featuring the new KUKA.CNC software package now available on KR C4.

KUKA Demonstrations:

KUKA Robotics In-Booth Demonstration at IMTS 2012 will include:

OKUMA CNC Lathe Tending cell demonstration with the New KUKA QUANTEC KR 270 R2900 K Ultra robot mounted over top of an OKUMA LB 2000 EX CNC lathe, showing the space saving strategies that allow higher density operations and improved operator accessibility.

KUKA KR 210 R2700 QUANTEC robot performing robotic machining milling operations. This cell demonstrates the ability to use a six axis robot in a machining application.

The KUKA.CNC control option enables KUKA robots to be programmed and operated directly through machine language G code and can process even the most complex programs from CAD/CAM systems.

KUKA KR AGILUS KR 6 R900 Sixx Small Robots -- This demonstration introduces the New KUKA KR AGILUS robots to show its mounting versatility (Floor, Wall, and Ceiling) and will operate with the new KR C4 Compact Controller.

KR AGILUS KR 6 R900 Sixx demonstrating CNC lathe tending application -- This cell demonstrates the speed and agility this small robot was designed for by minimizing the cycle time while tending a CNC machine tool incorporating vision inspection and post machining part debur.

Arc Welding Live Demonstration High speed single wire welding with ESAB Aristo 5000 power supply.