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May 16, 2008
May 15, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR BIG KaiserBIG-PLUS Tooling from BIG Kaiser Closes the GapThe BIG-PLUS Spindle System creates surface contact with both the flange and taper of the tool ...
BIG Kaiser

BIG-PLUS Tooling from BIG Kaiser Closes the Gap
The BIG-PLUS Spindle System creates surface contact with both the flange and taper of the tool holder for dramatic improvements in performance. Take our NO RISK Trial Offer - with just a little information, we can determine if BIG-PLUS tooling is right for you. If it doesn't improve performance, we'll take it back - no charge. Visit us at Eastec Booth #5244, go to www.bigplustooling.com or call 1-888-866-5776 to learn more.

Diamond for Machining Nonferrous Metals
Diamond coatings, applied by the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, have unmatched advantages when applied to tungsten carbide cutting tools. Its ultra-high hardness and elastic modulus result in exceptional dimensional stability and resistance to abrasive wear. Read Full Story
Zero-Stock Mold Machining
Like other savvy moldmakers, this shop has moved toward zero-stock machining, which requires the correct tooling, machine tool and software to produce cores and cavities without leaving extra stock. The technique eliminates manual labor operations such as hand finishing, polishing and fitting, and reduces cycle time while improving accuracy and surface finish. Read Full Story
Miniature Thread Mills For Problem Materials
These new miniature solid carbide thread mills are designed for easy machining of difficult materials such as stainless steels, titanium, K-monel, hastelloy, and inconel. The new tools are suitable for a variety of applications, including those in the medical, aerospace, defense, and computer industries. According to the manufacturer, the new thread mills eliminate the possibility and consequences of tap breakage. Read Full Story
Qualified-Length Boring Tools
If you need boring tools with close Z-length tolerance, check out these new, 0.125-in. diameter, solid carbide qualified-length boring tools. These tools feature a repeatable Z-length of ±0.001 in. from a nominal set length. The qualified length tool's close tolerance length minimizes machine downtime when changing a tool during a production run. The tools have a closely held locating angle to insure Z- length repeatability. Read Full Story
Handy Toolholder Fixture
Here is a new toolholding fixture that mounts to the side of a tool cart or bench and secures toolholders for changing cutting tools, collets, and pull studs. Toolholders are placed in the fixture and the locking screw knob is tightened to engage the drive slot or wrench flats – depending on the toolholder – to secure the toolholder.The fixture works with CAT, BT, ISO, and HSK toolholders. Read Full Story
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The Deming 14 Points Of Management
"A job and a paycheck." Read Full Story
Practical Guide To Precision Measurement?
"When in doubt about how to measure something, find out what your customer is using." Read Full Story
1931 English Brothers Catalog
"One thing that jumped out at me from paging through it last night is that in 1931, lineshaft drives were still dominant." Read Full Story
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