Walter North America

Walter North America

Engineers, sales personnel, and the customer service team work together to provide complete service to WALTER North America’s distributors, manufacturers and end users. And, in the spring of 2006, WALTER merged with TITEX + PROTOTYP to blend skills, knowhow and product innovations in the areas of drilling, milling and threading, offering our customers more opportunity for productivity and profitability. The synergy of these three brands and the access to arguably the best product portfolio, from one source, achieves major time savings by placing one purchase order, receiving one shipment and processing one invoice. With the power of these three leaders in the tool industry, you can now get a complete range of cutting tools and services for all industrial applications from one team. WNA offers innovative product development, custom tool design, technical training, and professional and knowledgeable customer service representatives. And, we make product data available to you in standard and customer-specific formats, allowing you to obtain productive results.

Research and Development - Product Innovations – WALTER, TITEX + PROTOTYP are leaders in industry-changing product innovations. WALTER introduced the first bi-color inserts of Tigertec ®, launched Xtra-tec® for milling and drilling, and developed Tigertec ® WPP grades for machining steel, all delivering increases in productivity and longer tool lives for our customers. And, in 2006, Tiger-tec® WSM and WSP grades, were introduced as the world’s first PVD AL203 coated tooling for the machining of difficult materials.

TITEX similarly produces industrychanging tools such as the XD® technology, designed for drilling depths from 8 to 30xd without pecking, allowing for large metal removal rates and high cutting speeds and feeds. And, PROTOTYP’s offering of Synchrospeed tools, allows users to achieve greater performance by reducing their cost per hole from machinery equipped with rigid tapping.

Technical Support and Training – WNA is committed to helping our customers succeed. We realize that the more knowledge of tooling and machining applications customers have, the more productive and profitable they will be. To assist in this, WNA offers technical training seminars for distributors and customers. These seminars are held at our new Technology Center located at the North American corporate headquarters in Wisconsin. During these training sessions, students will spend time in lectures, and hands-on workshops, and witness demonstrations of cutting tools in motion. The training goal is for students to lean how to most effectively apply WNA tooling to specific applications. Additionally, the technical department developed a technical support line available from 8AM to 5PM Central time, to answer machining and tooling questions. The numbers are 866-Xtra-tec (866-987- 2832) for WALTER and 800-574- 6191 for TITEX + PROTOTYP. It is our goal to provide as much support as possible to customers, to ensure productivity and profitability.

With the power of these three brands and their tool offerings, WNA is the number one source for virtually all your tooling needs. Please call 800-945-5554 and speak with one of our customer service representatives today so we can help you to be more productive tomorrow.

N22 W23855 RidgeView
Parkway West
Waukesha, WI 53188
Ph: 800-945-5554
Fax: 262-347-2500
e-mail: [email protected]

WALTER’s corporate mission and sales philosophy begins with its customers. As the mission statement defines: “We are there for our customers. We are all responsible for recognizing and satisfying the individual needs of our customers.”

Three brands, one company, one goal : Higher productivity.

  • A unique full-range program of turning, drilling, milling, and threading tools tailored to your specific needs.
  • A vast reserve of machining and engineering expertise.
  • Decades of machining experience in every area.
  • Excellent technical support worldwide, wherever and whenever you need it.
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