Since Sandvik Coromant’s beginning, company operations have focused on high quality and value, investments in R & D, improving customers’ profitability, and maintaining the highest level of business integrity. Implementing these strategies has allowed the company to achieve consistent, profitable growth. Headquartered in Fair Lawn, New Jersey (with global headquarters in Sadviken, Sweden), Sandvik Coromant is positioned as a global leader in the metal cutting industry. Throughout the yeas, Sandvik Coromant has continuously pushed the boundaries of advanced demented carbide tools and tooling systems. The company’s innovations include the first GC Coating on a carbide insert, Varilock and Block Tool modular systems, and the introduction of the Coromant Capto, a universal modular tooling system. Current products also include a variety of proprietary technological firsts, such as the CoroMill 200, TMax Wiper, Twin Grade Delta-C, CoroCut parting and grooving system, and the high precision CoroGrip power chuck. Most recently, Sandvik Coromant has continued its position as a leader through the release of the CoroDrill 880, a new breakthrough in U-drill evolution that substantially improves production economy in hole making. The drill incorporates new, patent-pending Step Technology from optimum cutting force balance. Sandvik Coromant has also recently released a new generation of inserts that offers even higher productivity gains for milling, drilling, and turning. In addition to providing revolutionary cutting tools, Sandvik Coromant also sets the industry standard in customer service. Among its efforts, the company offers customers value added training at any of the Productivity Centers worldwide. Customers may also enroll in any of Sandvik Coromant’s training seminars. Many customers take part in Sandvik Coromant’s 6-step PIP (Productivity Improvement Program), a concept designed to meet or exceed customers’ goals for increased productivity and cost saving. A PIP improves overall profitability by increasing machining efficiency, reducing individual unit cost and eliminating unnecessary waste, both of time and material. Each PIP is specifically tailored to the unique details of a manufacturer’s operations, identifying potential for improvement on a comprehensive level.

Sandvik Coromant
1702 Nevins Road,
P.O. Box 428
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410-0428 USA
Toll-Free phone: 1-800-SANDVIK
Direct phone: 201-794-5000
Email: [email protected]

Company Mission
Sandvik Coromant is a strong proponent of the principle of Manufacturing Economics, a model of analysis that demonstrates that the greatest amounts of savings occur through increasing efficiency. In short, a higher level of productivity, a manufacturer produces a greater number of parts, thus reducing the amount of fixed costs assigned to each part.

Company summary
Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading producer of tools for turning, milling and drilling. Sandvik Coromant operates in 60 countries worldwide. Head office in Sandviken, Sweden, Sandvik Coromant has customers throughout the metalworking field including the world’s major automotive and aerospace industries, the die and mold industry and

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