Profile: Production Job Services Inc

Profile: Production Job Services Inc


L.S. Starrett customer profile: Production Job Services Inc.

Peter Smith, president, his brother Patrick, senior vice president, and Jim Haggith as vice president and secretary run Production Job Services. the Brookfield, Wis., shop started as a steel factory to serve the casting industry by cutting square stock to specific lengths and weights, and one of those foundries remains a steady customer.

Today, however, about 75 percent of the shop's work is for the investment casting industry, doing such things as processing white steel for casting houses to reclaim. White steel is the scrap material from gates and risers in the casting process. The balance of the business is custom bandsawing, which can include dissecting ductile-iron engine blocks for material testing purposes, slicing through tubing with hardness ratings to rc 55 and precision cutting parts as large as 36 in. in diameter.

Within its 15,000-sq-ft facility, production Job services packs machinery that includes shears, vertical and horizontal computer-controlled bandsaws and special machines for cutting tube stock. On its bandsaws, the shop uses starrett gladiator blades for cutting everything from solids and tubing, to structural angles and specialty items.

"We're a cut-to-order business," said Peter Smith. "We're used to delivering results quickly – typically overnight and sometimes same day. Cut quality and consistency are critical to us. Cost is important too. Bandsaw blades are not inexpensive, so long blade life is also a factor."

According to smith, the gladiator blades are not "one-trick ponies." they seem to perform well on virtually everything the shop throws at them. He also claims that the gladiator blades allow the shop to maximize its efficiency and improve quality and customer satisfaction.

"Gladiator blades greatly improve our cutting speeds. they penetrate easily, clear chips quickly, generate good surface finishes and cut straight and true. Also, their variable-pitch tooth design produces less vibration and noise. less noise means less operator fatigue over the course of a day," added Smith.

Production Job Services relies on Starrett Gladiator blades to cut engine blocks for material testing purposes.
The L.S. Starrett Company
121 Crescent Street
Athol, MA 01331 U.S.A.
Telephone: 010 1-978-249-3551
Main fax: 010 1-978-249-8495

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