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Cincinnati Tyrolit

Cincinnati Tyrolit

Established in 1919 by Daniel Swarovski, TYROLIT, Schwaz, Austria is the leading manufacturer of grinding, cutting, dressing and polishing tools as well as drilling and sawing system in Central and Eastern Europe.

With over 50,000 products and 4,100 employees in 22 production facilities and 13 countries we offer you on the spot individual service together with absolute TOP quality and performance.

Cincinnati TYROLIT Inc. became the North American manufacturing headquarters of the company, following the acquisition of the Cincinnati Abrasives Division in 2004.

This expansion, preceded by the recent acquisitions of The Wickman Corp. and Bay State Abrasives, continues the commitment of TYROLIT to the North American Market and to the customers we serve.

Our customer support center, located in Cincinnati, Ohio stands ready to service the complete offering of the TYROLIT Group.

The history of CTI (Cincinnati Tyrolit) dates back to 1952: At that time, Cincinnati Tyrolit was part of the Milacron Inc organization. The Milacron organization recognized the need to support its machine tool business with precision abrasives and began making abrasives on their own. The strengths of the company name in the machine tool business helped the abrasive business grow rapidly into one of the industry leaders. For over fifty years CTI has been helping their customers achieve the maximum grinding potential for all their grinding needs.

One of the greatest strengths of TYROLIT lies in the field of precision machining. TYROLIT offers a comprehensive solutions package for the grinding components that must comply with predefined standards regarding dimensions, geometric profiles or surface quality. In such cases grinding and profiling tools using aluminium oxide, silicon carbide or super-abrasives such as cubic boron nitride (CBN) or diamond are used as cutting agent.

Automotive industry: Maximum material-stock removal performance when machining crankshafts and camshafts.

Electronics and ceramics industry:
Production of surfaces with a surface roughness in the nano-range such as in the case of silicon wafers for electronic switching elements.

Gearing industry:
Tool and tool systemsfor hard finishing gears by profile grinding, continous generating grinding and honing.

Tooling industry:
Highly innovative products to create high-precision tool geometries.

Aerospace and turbine industries:
Maximum expertise with highperformance stock removal in the profile creep feed grinding process with highly dense and tough materials.

Cincinnati Tyrolit is focused on technical innovation and customer service and has developed extensive field service support capabilities that allow the business to both deliver and maintain superior product performance. Cincinnati Tyrolit’s long history of customer satisfaction has allowed the business historically to enjoy long lasting customer relationships.

Cincinnati Tyrolit specializes in custom, precision grinding wheels for industrial finishing applications and is a leader in large diameter conventional abrasive grinding wheels for the centerless grinding industry.

Cincinnati Tyrolit is a leading North American supplier of grinding wheels to the automotive and bearing industry. Other key markets for the business include aerospace, steel, heavy equipment and general engineering applications.

3010 Disney Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45209
(513) 631-1030

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