Brown & Sharp launches new measuring system

Hexagon Metrology Inc. ( has launched a new line of multi-sensor measurement systems that feature optical, camera, laser and tactile probing options in a wide variety of configurations.

The Brown & Sharpe Optiv measurement systems are designed to have more than 25 size/accuracy combinations, and have a wide variety of accessories. The company said it builds its Optiv systems with multisensor technology that allows them to perform both 2D and 3D applications.

The systems are equipped with the company’s PC-DMIS dimensional metrology software in a special PCDMIS Vision edition that provides CAD programming functionality to vision based software. The company also said the software’s underlying roots in 3D measurement make it especially applicable for a multisensor system such as Optiv.

The Optiv line of measurement systems can be programmed offline using CAD, and the company said it combines the power of CAD with the versatility of simplified editing to give the user the benefits of a toolmakers microscope, optical comparator and CMM combined in a single measurement system.

Zvonomir Kotnik, product manager for Hexagon Metrology’s vision and multi-sensor products, said some of the company’s customers can run existing CMM programs on the Optiv system as-written.

“The power of a multi-sensor platform like Optiv is that you can combine the best aspects of 2D and 3D measurement in a single powerful system. Plus, PC-DMIS is so widely adopted that a programmer familiar with PC-DMIS should have a very short learning curve when using it on a multi-sensor system,” Kotnik said.

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