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Allied machine & engineering corp.

Allied machine & engineering corp.

Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. (AMEC) was established in 1941 by Harold E. Stokey.

In 1966, AMEC began manufacturing Universal Style spade drills and holders, marking the beginning of an evolution in spade drill technological advancements. Allied developed and patented the Blade-Loc™ Feature for Universal Style spade drill holders, and introduced particle metallurgy CPMM4 HS to the spade drill industry.

The most significant breakthrough in the spade drill industry came in 1982 when AMEC introduced the T-A® Drilling System. The unique geometry and state-of-the-art coating of the T-A® drill insert revolutionized the spade drill industry as never before, thrusting Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. into a role of leadership through Research & Development of Engineered Drilling Solutions. In 1986, AMEC introduced TiN coated high performance spade drills, a design that enabled end-users to obtain the benefits of the T-A® Drilling System while allowing for use of the old universal holders. This opened the door for many to convert completely to the T-A® for maximum benefits.

In 1992, AMEC expanded into the European market and formed a limited partnership with Allied Maxcut Engineering C. of West Midlands, England, to ensure a high level of worldwide customer service. New from Allied Machine& Engineering Corp. in 2004 is the GEN2-T-A™ drill insert – the next generation in hole making, engineered to provide an even lower cost per hole for the end-user.

ALVAN Expandable Reamers, Ring Style and Monobloc, Adjustable Chamfer Rings and MilSpec AccuPort Contour Cutters are also now available through AMEC.

As drilling applications became more challenging, a need existed to bring drilling solutions to a new level. The logical successor to GEN2 T-A®, or the Generation 2 drilling system, was quite simple to name. The Generation 3 System comes with a different type of engineering. While it is akin to the GEN2, it has its own specific function: to drill into the toughest of applications. Generation 3 System, or GEN3SYS as it is known, (pronounced genesis) has been getting a lot of attention since its introduction at IMTS 2006 in Chicago. The innovative design of the GEN3SYS ™ High Penetration Drilling System increases hole quality, surface finish and true position when compared to competitive products.

The GEN3SYS ™ is coated with AMEC’s proprietary AM200® coating, which increases tool life up to 50 percent above competitors’ premium coatings.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
120 Deeds Drive
PO Box 36
Dover, OH 44622
Toll Free: 800-321-5537
Direct Phone: 330-343-4283
FAX: 330-602-3400
Email: [email protected]

It is the goal of AMEC to offer products and services of unparalleled quality... and to develop and maintain a reputation among customers for fair dealings, prompt and courteous service, dependability, integrity, product quality, and technical competence. This degree of dedication is reflected in the AMEC Quality Policy:... “to meet or exceed customers’ expectations through a commitment to customer satisfaction, quality systems, and continuous improvement.”

The AMEC Mission statement in three words: Make a Difference

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