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Accurate, integrated machining

Accurate, integrated machining

Mitsui Seiki's HU50-5AX trunnion-type CNC machining center is capable of high-speed contour metal removal on parts demanding high-accuracy positioning.

The machine's cradle design keeps the pallet face below the A-axis center of rotation for improved accuracy and reduced motion.

Accommodating part diameters up to 27 in. and weights up to 1,430 lb, Mitsui Seiki's HU50-5AX tilting-trunniontable machine is the smallest in a line of new ultra-precise, 5-axis horizontal machining centers. According to the company, the HU50-5AX holds 0.00012-in. true position through all linear axes and 0.001 on both the B and C rotary axes.

The machine's table surface is beneath the tilt axis, improving accuracy and reducing motion. In addition, the machining zone is located near the rotation center of the A-axis to minimize the error caused by the A-axis index. Furthermore, balance cylinders on both sides of the trunnion prevent a twisting force on the tilting table and reduce the load on the A-axis drive motor. This design ensures that gravity acting on the tilting table improves balance, even when the table is loaded to maximum weight.

Depending on the needs of the user, Mitsui Seiki can equip the HU50-5AX with a 12,000 or 15,000-rpm, 50-taper spindle or a 40-taper spindle delivering either 20,000 or 25,000 rpm.

With an X-axis stroke of 28.35 in., a 33.46-in. stroke on the Y and Z axes, a B-axis stroke of 14.17 in., and an A-axis tilting angle of +5° to -95°, the HU50-5AX trunnion-table machine cuts intricate parts employing virtually any tool angle.

Other standard features include an automatic-toolchange system that holds up to 60 tools and an automatic pallet changer (APC) with two pallets. APCs are also available with 4, 6, 8, and 12 pallets as an option. Additionally, the machine comes with a large-capacity coolant system and a high-capacity chip-evacuationand-filtration system.

Mitsui Seiki (U.S.A.) Inc.
Franklin Lakes, N.J.

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