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10 Best Machine Shops

Here are the American Machinist 10 Best Machine Shops for 2007.

  • They were chosen through a process that starts with hard data and ends with site-visits by American Machinist editors and, in the end, the best shops are the ones that perform well every day, and follow some kind of system to help them do better tomorrow than they did yesterday.
  • Nominees for the honor were identified through data they provided in the 2007 Machine Shop Benchmark study – which provides a database of performance and operating benchmarks specifically for metalworking machine shops.
  • From these high-level performers, a group of finalists was selected and finally whittled down, through phone interviews and site visits, to the 10 Best.
  • These 10 Best Machine Shops range from high volume operations to job shops that frequently produce one-piece jobs. They represent the entire United States, from eastern Massachusetts to California, and from Florida to Wisconsin.
  • Special thanks are due to IMTS for its financial support of this project, emphasizing that best practices in both technology and business management will assure the long-term strength of the U.S. metalworking industry.
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